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The Show Must Go On!
Arts & Culture
The Show Must Go On!July 11th & 12th Red Lion-Woodlake (916) 922-2020
      Americans have a love affair with music & entertainment. From Broadway musicals to the latest craze of talent shows that make stars and celebrities for new talent instantaneously. Sacramentans have always had a love affair with it's performing arts probably more so than any other market it's size in the country. The recession has hindered a lot of the arts groups including our school's music and drama programs which serve as the gene pool that supplies our community with all the great talent for community theatre, ballet, symphony etc... 
      Sacramento's night life however has seen better days. Outside of the younger generation's club venues that cater to their likes and music, showroom and dinner shows along with broadway musical productions on the regional playhouse level for the 35+ market is dwindling fast. Due to higher costs in overhead and talent, royalties, advertising,  producing quality productions are becoming cost-prohibitive.. The National Endowment for The Arts, (NEA) has  released the latest exhaustive survey that shows musicals are attended almost twice as much as non-musicals nationally. However, Sacramento loves their performing arts and rally to help maintain them when a call goes out for support. The California Musical Theatre (Music Circus) has weathered some major storms with help from fans and City Council support. They have a great line-up  for their current seasons. There are over 30 community theatres producing great title and original shows from A to Z. 
      Sacramento area lost Garbeau's Dinner Theatre several years ago due to hard times. Tommy T's Comedy and Dinner Theatre took the beautiful room at Nimbus Winery over from them but soon also had to lease out the room to another group who failed by not keeping their niche consistent. Tommy T began doing dinner show operations in Los Angeles many years ago and expanded to the Bay Area also where his Pleasanton Comedy Store has thrived. While comedy comprises a fair share of the non-musical pie chart, Tommy T is confident enough in the economy that he has reopened at the Nimbus Winery location again and has plans to diversify with more shows including music and Theatrical shows. 
      Another addition to Musical Dinner Theatre this summer is a Theatre Group from Oregon who is touring Sacramento with their eye on relocating here to establish a permanent home. The Phoinix Players, will open their newest Musical "Starry Evening"   A Musical of timeless Hollywood classic floorshows with song and dance comedy & romance at the Red Lion-Woodlake Hotel in the Grand Ballroom July 11th & 12th 2014. Phoinix Players are Internationally acclaimed and known for their ability to mount 7 or more Musicals a season. This is good news for Sacramento if they are welcomed and supported.. Word is they may also perform at Tommy T's, and are negotiating with a Pocket - Land Park Venue for shows at end of Summer. They also will be performing at the New Sacramento Inn next to Arden Fair Mall July 18 & 19,  through Aug 3 on weekends.
      Tommy T's is having a "Wounded Warrior Project" show coming May 22,23,24 & 25th. All of the comedians are wounded warriors themselves who have taken up comedy. It is a great opportunity to support this Wounded Warrior Project. Reviews on this show have been great. Drama Therapy has been a great tool for traumatic injury recovery and healing for many years as is Music therapy, it will be inspiring to see these Heroes use comedy as their gift to their audiences is also a gift to themselves. Tommy T's will be honoring our Heroes also by inviting scores of wounded warriors locallly to the shows for free. Way to go Tommy!  (916) 608-2233 for info
       Sacramento Musical Dinner Theatre, a newley formed company, are  the producers of "Starry Evening" and are also involved in a community youth project called  "Project Pro-AM"  (PPA) PPA is a pilot program where professional artists and business people teach young people, both academically stable, and those at risk... to learn all phases of a Dinner Theatre and a collaborative Performing Arts Program. The professional food and beverage component will be a culinary school training program that will prepare students to not only become skilled in all phases as workers, but also provide entrepreneurial training and hands on management opportunities. Then if desired, cross trained in Theatre Arts. And vice-versa. As an after school and summer program, PPA will utilize family, community and school personnel to be involved with students internship and participation in PPAPPA will coordinate and liaise with family, educators, and any other relevant person or agency involved in student's counselling for future school and or job placement.

      PPA will initially outsource much of the class room curriculum with established culinary and business programs in local high schools and college/technical schools where resources are available.The Theatre Arts program will be a first phase, where students will be involved with production of a musical chosen where the professional theatre company will have trained and rehearsed all students involved as cast members, and all other aspects of show. However, the professionals will appear and perform in the shows that will be competitively priced and staged like any regional level Dinner Theatre Operation. (209) 418-7853 for info

      The Phoinix Players of Eugene, Oregon are coming to Sacramento for several reasons, but one being that Oregon schools in the majority of districts, have been without music and drama-theatre programs for years, causing a dearth of thespians and music majors to keep building their company with. This will happen wherever the arts are forsaken and sooner or later, the Community Theatre, Ballet, Symhpony's talent pool as well as all of the local entertainmant industry will dry up. Support the ARTS!
Tommy T's Comedy Dinner Theatre May 22-25 (916) 608-2233
Coming soon to Sacramento
Arts & Culture


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Company Profile

Masone & Associates... M&A

Highlights -Productions -Promotions & Managerial Enterprises 

        Artistry Enterprises 
Image result for Masone & Company
Managed, Produced, and booked Sacramento/SF Bay area
entertainment talent for stage, film, T.V. concerts, night
clubs, fairs, special events from 1970-1994.
M&A also operated as parent company to:
Cause Media Advertising, Melody Land Music
Store,  Masone's Studio of Dance, Sheraton Inn
Dinner Theatre, Bacchus Dinner Theatre.
 Cause-Media helped produce Emmy Award winning T.V.
show "Capital Rock". (Sample list)

In association with Clausie Productions, discovered and launched Rock Group "Tesla."

show you LPStage Produced (Special Effects, Choreography) Ian Shelter Band With Production assistance for Album "Show You" On Clausie Records

Created and produced Sacramento's first Broadway
Musical Dinner Theatre (Sheraton Inn Dinner Theatre) with attendance records still standing. 

MCTC Metropolitan Conservatory Theatre Company

 M&A Clients: United Cerebral Palsy-
The Senator Hotel, Garbeau's Dinner Theatre,
Downtown Sacramento Merchants Association-
Old Sacramento Merchants Association-
Reno Ramada Hotel/Casino-
Citizens Commission on Human Rights-
Parents Against Second Hand Smoke-
National Commission on Law Enforcement
and Social Justice-
Grand Island Mansion 
KROY Radio-KJOY Radio, Fox Theatre- Campaign "Save The Crest Theatre"-
Automotive Sales T.V. Training Network-
California State Senate Ball, SF Bay Red & White Fleet & many more.

Disability Advocacy 

M&A Publicity Campaigns for disability advocacy amassed over $25 million worth of news stories in print and electronic
media including a full page article in TIME Magazine,9171,979461,00.html
and a full one hour episode on The OPRAH Show, New York Times,a one hour BBC Special in Great Britain, Canada and Australia generating world wide attention for national client organization  P.A.S.S.  (Parents Against Second Hand Smoke) 

NorthWest News & Review, Delta News & Review, River City News & Review/ Nor-Cal/Southern Oregon Media Group
M&A Client: Isleton Cajun & Blues Festival  2011& 2013 & 2014
Steven Masone Publisher: Delta News & Review

Elysa Masone
Stockton/Tracy Ca
(209) 418-7853
Masone & Associates


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dinner Theatre & Cabaret to open in Chico

For Immediate Release:  
Chico California
September 1, 2011     Holiday Inn Brings Dinner Theatre To Chico

    The Holiday Inn at 685 Manzanita Court in Chico has contracted with Masone's Dinner Theatre Co. to bring Dinner Theatre to Chico. Steven Masone, Producer/Artistic Director brings over 30 years of theatrical and food and beverage experience to the new operation at Holiday Inn.

    Masone started Sacramento's first Broadway style Dinner Theatre in 1976 at the then Sheraton Inn. His success was tremendous and so he also started The Bachhus Dinner Theatre in Old Sacramento, and was instrumental in the launch of Sacramenmto's Garbeau's Dinner Theatre which closed 2 years ago, but not under his direction or management.

      The Dinner Theatre operation will also manage the restaurant which has been operating as The Star of India under the new concept and joint venture. Pirandelo's American Cafe will be the new restaurant which i already operating  it's new breakfast Cafe as of today September 1, the dinner change over will be announced soon.

    Auditions for the fall shows are beginning now every Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri 6-8pm at the Hotel. The Shows are "Six Characters in Search of an Author" Adapted Musical of  "A Christmas Carol" And a Broadway Musical to be announced.

    Actors of all ages singers, dancers, tech crew and theatre staff call.

    Asst musical director and choreographers needed also.

For further info contact Steven Masone @ 916-284-2470 or at Hotel 530-345-2491

Friday, July 1, 2011

MCTC Music & Conservatory Theatre Company: Corporate Sponsorship

MCTC Music & Conservatory Theatre Companyof Chico: Corporate Sponsorship: "Corporate Sponsorship Personalized sponsorship packages can be customized to accommodate a company’s particular needs. Many items can be pro..."

Auditions for Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author

Open auditions for Luigi  Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author with Sacramento's Newest Theatre Company MCTC.

The producers of MCTC "Artistry Enterprises" 
Produced and Managed Sacramento/SF Bay area
Entertainment talent for stage, film, T.V., night
clubs, fairs, special events from 1970-1994..
Choreography by Masone's Studio of Dance.
Bacchus Dinner Theatre, Sheraton Dinner Theatre
National Touring Dance Company.Send Bio w/ pics to  will contact      
you for audition time and place. Venue: Dinner Theatre
Send bio and photos to  casting will contact you audition time and place. for further info call (916) 284-2470

Monday, June 27, 2011

Festival Production

* General Production Management
    -Order Goods & Services Related to the Festival
        Includes Fencing, Stage, Sound, Lights, Security, Staff, Hospitality, Port-o-lets, and the like
    -Manage Day of Show Production
        Coordinate with all vendors, staff, and crew to ensure a smooth event
   - Site Layout and Design
         Includes the creation of a site map for production and security as well as consultation on how to best arrange the festival's infrastructure

* Website building / online presence enhancement
    -Design or enhance website that will bring in more attendance / awareness
    -Search Engine Optimization
    -Facebook / Twitter creation

* Food & Art Vendor Acquisition
    -Building an online Vendor application
    -Sending the show information to our vendor contacts
    -Promoting the show online to potential vendors

* On-site Vendor Management
    -Being present at load-in, day of show, and load-out
    -Vendor supervision during the festival

* Stage & Hospitality Management
    -Manage stage(s) to ensure artists perform on schedule
    -Advance riders with artists
    -Prepare and staff backstage areas for artists and media

* Bar Operations / Management
    -Staff all bars and secure all necessary permits to sell alcohol at the event

* Volunteer Management
    -Acquire and manage a volunteer staff for day of show FOH roles

* VIP Area Management
    -Acquire staff for and manage the VIP area(s) of the festival.

* Talent Buying
    -Negotiate and acquire musicians and other talent for the event
    -Advance artists' needs and coordinate them with the stage & hospitality crews

* Venue Discovery & Acquisition

* Parking / Ingress & Egress Management
  -Create a parking plan and hire parking staff

* Event Greening / Trash & Recycling Services

* Event Permits and Insurance Needs
    M & A will acquire permits on client's behalf (or instruct client how to apply) and consult on insurance needs

Links for latest Festival Survey Data

Monday, June 20, 2011

NOR-Cal Media

Nor-Cal Media Group   
2015 Monthly Online Rates

Ad type  Ad Size  Rotations  Rate 
Front Page Header 765x120  limit 4  $400
Side Towers   160x600  limit 4  $400
½ Side Towers 160x300  limit 4  $250
In-story Ad  250x250  limit 4  $275
End Banner  728x90  limit 4  $225
Side Tile  160x160  limit 4  $175

Above rates include:

Participation in our weekly media group online  Sacramento's Unique Independent Online Newspaper And The Delta News & Review, Elk Grove Crime Story, Elk Grove News, Elk Grove Politics, Elk Grove Post. Rogue Valley News & Review, Northwest News & Review. Print Weekly publications: Herald Publications, Linden Herald   (16,000 circulation in print) * separate rates

Monthly impressions are between 185,000 - 305,000

For more information contact Steven Masone 
(209) 418-7853